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Manchester Township Safety Services

[Fire Department][Police Services]

Department of Fire Services

Alert Fire Company  767-1954
Emergency   Dial:  911
Richard R. Shank, Jr., Fire Chief

The Department of Fire Services was created in February 1991, when an agreement was signed between the Alert Fire Company #1 and the Manchester Township Board of Supervisors, to cooperatively provide fire, rescue and quick response medical assistance services in Manchester Township with the volunteer members of the Alert fire Company and the career fire personnel employed by the township.

In May 1999 the career firefighters were relocated to the newly constructed centralized township municipal services facility which houses a fire station at 3200 Farmtrail Road. The Alert Fire Company agreed to relocate an engine, ladder and rescue truck to the new facility, which will be operated by both career and volunteer firefighters. Alert Fire Company volunteers continue to operate the fire station located in Emigsville at 3118 North George Street with one engine and one service unit.

The Alert Fire Company uses volunteers to fulfill its contracted obligation to Manchester Township. In addition to active fire fighting, which includes continuous training, volunteers perform many other important tasks such as fund raising, managing the business affairs of the Alert Fire Company and maintaining the building and equipment owned by the fire company.

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Police Department
Police Service in Manchester Township is provided by the Northern York County Regional Police Department (NYCRPD) with headquarters located at 1445 East Canal Road, Dover, PA 17315. This regionalized police department, which was established in 1972, currently serves in addition to Manchester Township, the townships of Conewago, Dover, Franklin and Paradise and the boroughs of Dillsburg, Dover and North York. One (1) member of the Manchester Township Board of Supervisors serves as Manchester Township's voting representative on the Northern York County Regional Police Department's Board of Commissioners.

On January 1, 1993, a unit was created within the Northern York County Regional Police Department whose function was to design and implement a program based on the COMMUNITY ORIENTED POLICING concept. This program seeks to:

  • Change the department's emphasis from a reactive stance to reported incidents to one of a pro-active stance of analyzing and recognizing the root causes of continuing problems and attempting to resolve these problems before they become a police matter.
  • Enhance the efficiency of the department thereby ultimately reducing the cost
  • Bring the community into focus by making it an integral part of the program. The department becomes part of the community, thereby serving ,not controlling. The department encourages the community's input into the decision making process, addressing the issues they feel important, not just the ones we feel are important.

This unit feels that they have made a positive impact on our communities and thereby have become an integral part of the department.

Officer Dorothy

Officer Dorothy is a remote controlled robot that is designed for use in various programs at local schools, preschools, scouting groups and any where that children and/or adults may gather.

Officer Dorothy was obtained by the Northern York County Regional Police Department through the generosity of the late Mrs. Dorothy Kling, of Manchester Township. Mrs. Kling had distributed part of her estate to the department and the moneys were designated to be used for non budgeted police items.

Officer Dorothy is a concept that the police department believes will be useful when speaking to young children about various safety programs as Officer Dorothy is operated by remote control and has the capability to hear and speak with wireless transmissions. This caricature in a patrol car is a non threatening extension of the police department that can interact with children.

The Officer Dorothy programs include:

  1. Children's personal safety
  2. Stranger danger
  3. "Latchkey Kids"
  4. Drugs and alcohol
  5. Weapons
  6. Bicycle safety
  7. Headquarters tours

The Officer Dorothy Program is available for demonstration at your location or at the police headquarters.

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